Significance of an Essay Topic.

Definition of an Essay Topic.

Can you identify or at least define an essay topic? Do you understand the significance of an essay topic as a student? Well, let me define it for you because it is a crucial part of your essay that can determine your overall grade. An essay topic is the subject or theme of a conversation or an argument for your formal or informal writing. It is important to note that essays examine students' communication, research, analytical, and writing skills. Tutors will not always give assignments essay topics for you to write on. Often, having the power to come up with a composed idea is far much better. Writing a good essay aims to score decent grades and get perfect SAT scores in the end.

Choosing a Good Essay Topic.

Selecting an essay topic can be a daunting task. However, to make the work more comfortable and enjoyable, you can come up with a case by:

  • Writing down all ideas you can think.
  • It would be best to consider brainstorming with other students on the list of ideas to develop plausible topics.
  • Do exquisite research on the selected topics to know if you can gather enough evidence to support the issues.
  • Narrow down your search to find the ideal case while considering: Time available, word count, access to resources for referencing, ability to demonstrate your understanding of the subject, ability to prove your writing skills, and how well motivated you are for the topic.

Categories of Essay Topics.

There are many ways of writing essays, but the distinguishing factor is the character of the topic. The categories of essay topics include:

  1. Cause and effect topics that explain the causes of actions and the resultant effects.

Examples: How technology advancement has made the world a global village. What is the effect of alcohol consummation on your health?

  1. Narrative topics: Explains an occurrence of an activity or event.

Examples: Explain the significance of wearing school uniforms. Tell us about your experience in the voter registration exercise.

  1. Compare and contrast topics: These topics strike a debate on issues or scenarios.

Example: Is freelancing writing profitable than full-time employment writing?

  1. Informative topics: Majorly focuses on emerging issues in a particular field.

Example: Methods of improving the health sector to combat future pandemics.

  1. Persuasive topics: These tend to convince an idea to be acceptable.

Example: Should the government provide cash transfers to the elderly?

  1. Argumentative topics: They stress out issues that require much attention.

Example: How do soap operas impact the young generation?

Levels of Essay Topics:

Essay topics have three levels as listed below:

  1. Level of schooling: They include elementary and middle school, high school, and college-level topics.
  2. Topics by subject: They include education, science, and technology, health, hospitality, social media or networking platforms, comics, among many others.
  3. Enjoyable and humor: Such topics create fun while launching or presenting ideas.

Notably, essay topics account for 50% of the success of your essay. A good case draws the reader's attention and evokes their interest. Finally, supporting your essay with a good topic will earn you higher grades.

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