Best Legal Resume Writing Service

Where to Find The Best Legal Resume Writing Service

A good resume is the first ingredient to a successful career. And while you may already have learned to craft a standard resume by yourself, the results are not as expected. So what remains is finding the best legal resume writing service to get yourself a professional resume that will win jobs. Where do you find these premium services? Honestly, finding the best services can be daunting regardless of the industry you work in. It gets even complicated when you are an attorney.

We have scoured the internet on your behalf, and here are professional legal writing services you can trust.

  1. Craft Resumes

A group of creatives has come together to ease your search for legal resume writing services. Craft Resumes offers everything you will need to scale up your career. Whether you need a resume without other supporting documents and profiles or you want a combo pack to show your prowess, the creative will serve you right. You can get your legal resume created by the Craft Resume team for as low as $75. Additionally, they have a one day turnaround time for delivering the initial draft. Other services offered by this group include LinkedIn profile creation, CV, and cover letter writing.

  1. Find my position

You will usually need a resume writer with exceptional skills and proven experience creating effective resumes if you will give you a new job role. Find My Position is a highly rated resume writing service with a five days turnaround time. However, like with other services, you may pay higher rates to get the premium service. Their charges are between $300 and $1000, subject to change based on company terms.

  1. Content mills

A content mill is a website where freelancers and prospective clients meet. They usually act as middlemen to match talent to tasks. With content mills, you get to choose who writes your resume. And while this gives some freedom, it may not be the best thing since you may not validate the writer’s skills until after they have delivered your resume. Therefore, you will need to be vigilant and choose the best legal resume writing service.

  1. Job boards

Content mills and job boards are different in that the former is usually for freelancers, while the latter is designed to help people get traditional 9 to 5 jobs. Resume writing services are complementary to the job offers available on any platform of this kind. If you can trust the job board to match you with your preferred client/employer, why not trust them with your resume as well?

What to Look For

  1. Cost – How much will you pay for the resume? Is it worth for the legal position you want?
  2. Experience – How long has the writer ben in the business? You can also gauge experience by requesting case studies of real people who used the service.
  3. Customer service – An excellent legal resume writing service must be complemented with exceptional customer service. How quickly will they deliver the first draft, and how well do they communicate?

Generally, you should go for the resume writing service that can precisely handle your requirements and deliver quality in time.

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