Writing A Research Paper In APA Format- 4 Pro Tips!

Desire to write a useful research paper in APA format? Don’t know how to perform all tasks like a pro? In order to know all about APA research paper format, and need to achieve all targets, pay attention to this article. Paying attention to pro tips helps you a lot to score higher in this assignment like no one another can.

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What is APA?


Prior to jumping ways to make active apa format research paperlets discuss what the APA stands for? APA refers to the American Psychological Association; one of the most influential association includes professional psychologist in the world. The association is responsible for promoting psychology as a science, occupational, mental health, as well as the education of people.

Format of APA research paper

If you need to write a research paper in APA style correctly without any error, try to follow a proper format of it.

Title page

Every research paper if it is not MLA paper starts with an entire title page. Candidates need to make it attractive as much as possible by filling it with creative designs.

• The title of apa format research paper is placed at the center of title page. The title should not be more than 12 words in APA research papers.

• Keep in mind that double spacing is required in words, and the name of the author should come under the title of the research paper. If there is more than one author of the paper, then all the names are mentioned correctly using a comma.

One needs to follow proper rules of APA format as it is a compulsion for all the candidates.


The abstract is another crucial part of the APA research paper. The abstract of the research paper serves the introduction of authors ideas, a brief summary of questions and answers. Most readers read the synopsis of every research paper for analyzing either it is useful or not.

It doesn’t exceed more than 250 words that are summarizing the main points of the apa format research paper.


It contains all the findings done in favor of a candidate on a selected topic. Don’t forget to give subheadings to new paragraphs as it is considered an impressive way.

Citations and references

In last, all the candidates need to mention citations (quotations) and references used to write the entire research paper.