Dissertation Editing Services

How to Edit Your Dissertation

After completing your dissertation, always make a point of going through your dissertation as a whole checking for grammar mistakes, awkward sentencing, overlapping paragraphs, punctuation errors and plagiarism. Apparently, this is one of the most important part of your dissertation writing as it determines how well articulated your dissertation is. The main question before and after writing your dissertation is; is your argument clear and does it respond to your dissertation title or research questions? One mistake that students make in dissertation writing is that they somehow shift focus from the main topic in the course of writing the dissertation. However, they fail to re-phrase the title after completing the dissertation so that it matches the content. Always make sure that what is contained in your dissertation is mainly focused on your dissertation topic and related to the research questions chosen in your dissertation proposal

In dissertation writing, always assume that the examiner has no prior knowledge regarding your dissertation topic and content. With this in mind, come up with specific, clear and precise keywords that do not confuse the reader and ask yourself whether you have adequately explained the various concepts contained in your dissertation. Each section of your dissertation presents new ideas, functions and issues. Make sure that each section of your dissertation deals with the key function that the respective section is supposed to address. If it is your dissertation abstract, introduce and give a brief overview of your dissertation highlighting the research questions and the rationale in which you intend to answer the research questions

The rest of the chapters in the dissertation must address their respective functions as well. The introduction introduces the topic to the reader illustrating why it was important to undertake the research. The literature review part is one of the dissertation chapters that should be well articulated. This section contains an in-depth analysis of literature related to your topic. Under this section, make sure you quote as many authors as you can form external sources. When editing your dissertation, check your in text citations and whether they conform with the standard referencing techniques under their respective styles such as MLA, APA and Harvard referencing.

When it comes to your paragraphs, ensure that each paragraph in your dissertation introduces a new concept or idea. Most importantly, you must ensure smooth transition from idea to idea without repeating or overlapping information. Ensure that you do not have run-on sentences. Run-on sentences are sentences that are more than three lines. Punctuation mistakes are perhaps the most challenging errors while editing your dissertation. Make sure that all your citations are preceded by either a single or a double quotation mark indicating that the idea in the quotation mark is borrowed. When it comes to citing a large text such as a paragraph, have the paragraph in italics and indented not forgetting to put it under quotation marks. Most importantly, never underestimate the importance of editing and proofreading your dissertation. It just might be what you need to turn your dissertation to top grade dissertation.